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Lily Sargent

Lily Sargent

Additional Programs Coordinator

Lily Sargent is from Tallmadge, Ohio. As a local dancer, she began her training at Ballet Theater of Ohio in Munroe Falls, Ohio and completed it at the School of Cleveland Ballet in their trainee program. During her professional dance career, Lily has especially enjoyed performing traditional ballets, like Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, and many works from famous choreographers, both past and present, such as George Balanchine’s Serenade and Margo Sappington’s Alice


Lily was previously a dance ambassador for the National Ballet in the City project and is a co-author for the curriculum, Art Smarts: Developing Neurological Processing, Cognitive, Social, and Behavioral Skills through Dance, a program in current development for a wide range of dancers. She is also a certified BOSU and Progressive Ballet Technique trainer and completed her Bachelors of Science in American Sign Language Interpretation in December of 2023. She hopes to eventually design a curriculum for dancers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing that integrates vestibular, proprioceptive, and other neurological skills in a studio-based ballet program.


Lily looks forward to using all these experiences (life, academic education, professional performances, and teaching techniques) to inform her work in the Academy of Cleveland Ballet. She hopes to assist and inspire dance students to reach new levels of excellence and experience the joy that only quality ballet education and performance experiences can bring.

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