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Cleveland Ballet Trainee Program

Everything you expect from a trainee program,


- College & Post-Program Career Coaching & Advisement

- Private, One-on-One Classes with Artistic Faculty

- Take Company Class - Weekly Company Class

- Resume & Portfolio Support

The Cleveland Ballet Trainee Program is designed for emerging artists ages 18 - 24 who are ready to transition from high school-level academics and dance education to a professional dance environment will benefit greatly from a traineeship with a fully-functioning ballet company. A traineeship helps emerging artists to not only gain experience in a real professional setting, but it will also help them develop the additional skills and education needed before assuming a full position as a professional dancer. Our program not only strives to prepare our trainees for a potential contract with Cleveland Ballet or other professional companies, but it also provides them with the skills needed to pursue a variety of complimentary pathways and careers. Cleveland Ballet believes that the best educational system is one that fully prepares their students for opportunities that reflect a diverse set of goals. The Cleveland Ballet Trainee Program can be summed up in two words:


DSC_1417 3_edited.jpg
The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker

Involvement with Cleveland Ballet

The Cleveland Ballet Trainee Program provides participants the unique opportunity to work alongside professional ballet companies. Cleveland Ballet not only wants to immerse their trainees in company operations but also highlight and incorporate them into performance roles whenever possible. Additionally, Cleveland Ballet also recognizes the importance of directly contacting trainees with other professional dancers for both guidance and community building. To facilitate this goal, Cleveland Ballet makes sure that trainees are frequently present in rehearsal studios as well company class. The value of information gained from personal collaboration with professional company dancers allows our trainees to soar to new levels of skills and understanding of company life — the goal of any quality trainee program.

The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker

Job Training

A ballet career is a beautiful one, but it can it can also be rather short for many dancers. Because of its brevity, it is important that dancers be able to enter the ballet market rapidly while also actively reflecting on how they will eventually transition out of a dance career with ease and confidence. The Cleveland Ballet Trainee Program confronts this reality head-on by providing job training for both an active dance career AND any potential future career(s) of the dancer’s choice. Activities include:


Ballet Career Training:

  • Online Resume Development and Networking

  • Audition Guidance

  • Interview and Audition Practice

  • Online Portfolio Building

  • Assistance in Locating, Scheduling, and Monetarily Managing Auditions


Future Career Training (if desired):

  • College Guidance Counselor Assistance

  • Online Course Scheduling Possible with a Trainee Schedule

  • Non-Dance and Arts-Related Career Counseling

  • Transition Planning (Into a Dance Career and Out of an Active Dance Career)

  • Ballet Teacher Training and Outsider Credentialing

  • Resume Building for a Variety of Careers

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